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Backup your MSN emoticons, import Yahoo Smileys, import images or icons from local machine .
1. If you can not execute the program, you may need to install Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0. You can download it from Microsoft web site:
  2. If you execute the program and see an error message like this:
  You need to intall vcredist_x86.exe. You can get here:
  or from Microsoft web site:
  3. If you are using MSN 7.x or earlier version, you only need to enter login name. However, you need both login name and password for MSN 8.x to encrypt/decrypt data files which contain icon shortcut key and name.
  4. If you are using email account other than hotmail (such as gmail, yahoo and so on) to sign in MSN messenger, you will need to sign in first then run EmoticonMadeEasy in order to get passed authentication.

    Thanks to Joe Delaney for the information.