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Backup your MSN emoticons, import Yahoo Smileys, import images or icons from local machine .
Welcome to EmoticonMadeEasy
     EmoticonMadeEasy is a program that allows you to backup your MSN icons, import/export emoticons, import Yahoo Smileys, import images or icons from local machine and convert them into MSN emoticons, and share your emoticons between computers or accounts, or share with your friends.

     You can export MSN emoticons on a computer to a single file and then import the file into MSN Messenger on the other computers. Also, you can import Yahoo Smileys into your MSN messenger. It is easy, and it is FREE!!

     You may ask: there are many MSN tools on the Internet, why do I choose EmoticonMadeEasy? Many tools claim that they can "backup" your MSN emoticons. However, they can NOT restore or can only restore back to original machine and original operation system under same MSN user name. They are NOT portable and they do NOT have solution to transfer and share your icons between different machines, different operation systems, and different users. Why do you "backup" if you can NOT "restore"? 

     EmoticonMadeEasy is the ONLY software that preserve MSN icons, shortcut keys and shortcut names so that you can transfer your lovely MSN emoticons to different machines and share with friends. Also, you do not need to worry about upgrade to Windows Vista or other MS Operation systems. MSN emoticons can be easily installed with EmoticonMadeEasy software.

     Is that all? No, no, no, it is NOT enough!! There are more. Get it now and try it by yourself.


      EmoticonMadeEasy is now supporting Windows 7.


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Version 3.0:
Import Yahoo Smileys to MSN Download Here
Import icons or images from your local file system.
Export MSN icons to a file
Import icons to MSN
Support Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese

Support MSN 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x and Windows Live 2011